Accelerated Curriculum & Enrichment (ACE)

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Program in Detail

St Helena believes in allowing students to discover how far daring to be excellent can take them. Our Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) Program caters for the educational needs of gifted and talented students, ensuring these students are engaged, challenged and supported to achieve their full potential. 

Self-directed gifted and talented students who are committed to excellence and College involvement are welcome to apply.

Eligibility is determined through a range of means including:

-University developed achievement tests (Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning and Abstract Thinking)

-Primary teacher assessment (collected by St Helena Transition Team)

-Student self-assessment

-Parent feedback and assessment

-An Interview

Program Features 

-St Helena runs one ACE class of 26 students commencing in Year 7.

-Students remain together through the first three years (i.e. Years 7 to 9).

-ACE students complete Years 7-10 curriculum in three years.

-An enriched VCE is completed over three years.

-It is possible to undertake a University subject (i.e. HEVS) in the final year of school (i.e. Year 12).

Program Objectives

-Develop and extend higher order, divergent and independent thinking; the capacity to problem solve, apply creative   solutions.

-Apply knowledge in prescribed and chosen areas of study.

-Connect learning across key learning areas and life.

-Motivation to engage with and develop interest in a wide range of studies and fields.

-Demonstrate excellence in contributions to the school and broader community.

-Develop socially and emotionally through the growth of scholarly habits, social interaction and psychological health.

2024 ACE Enrolment Information

IIf your child is looking to apply for a position in the Year 7 ACE program for 2025, there are a few important pieces of information and key dates to consider:

Whether St Helena Secondary College is your family’s ‘Designated Neighbourhood School’ or otherwise (check Find My School here) you must complete the 2025 ACE Application form (see link above) and return this to the College (printed or via email) by Friday 10th May, 2024.


1. These forms are separate from your child’s Application for Year 7 Placement Forms (returned to your Primary School).

2. The ACE Program selection process will take place after families receive confirmation of a place at St Helena Secondary College for Year 7. Families that are not enrolling at St Helena cannot be considered for a place in our ACE program.

3. The 2025 ACE Program Aptitude Test (for Year 7 2025) will be held on Sat 24th August, 2024 on site at St Helena.

4. The 2025 ACE Program Selection Interviews (for Year 7 2025) will take place in early September, 2024.

5. The ACE program is designed to cater for the special educational needs of high ability students. It operates on the principles of Curriculum Acceleration and Enrichment.

Looking for more information regarding ACE?

Our ACE Information Evening was held online in May. A recording of this webinar can be provided upon request. Please email

iIf you are interested in learning more about our ACE program or have any other inquiries please contact Mr. Daniel Stephens, Junior School Principal or 9438 8500.


Take a look at our information on our ACE information evening and College tours.