Middle School

Year 8-9
The learning and developmental needs of Years 8 and 9 students are addressed in the Middle School through the curriculum, co-curriculum and wellbeing programs.

The breadth and depth of opportunities in and beyond the classroom facilitate multiple expressions of excellence.

A core curriculum continues to provide a rich and balanced learning program for Year 8 students. The Sydney Tour, offered annually in September, complements the personal and academic growth agenda. Tour activities are linked to English and Humanities studies.

The addition of electives to the core curriculum at Year 9 provides access to the range of pathways offered in the Senior School.

All Year 9 Students undertake R3: Responsibility, Relevance and Relationships

This full year subject involves students in age appropriate, relevant projects that foster resourceful, reflective, resilient and independent learners. Integral to this program is a community service component.

Students can also apply for a place in The Outer Edge (TOE), an optional full year outdoor education program that incorporates completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Students in the Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) Program study the same subjects but at an accelerated pace and in greater depth.

The ‘I Explore’ and ‘I Focus’ steps of the Career Action Plan are also undertaken by Year 8 and 9 students respectively as part of the STRIVE program.





Humanities: History, Geography

Physical Education


Music, Drama

Food Technology, Design and Technology








Health and PE



1 or more from Group 1: The Arts

1 or more from Group 2: Technology

1 or more from Group 3 Domains

* Italian is a full year subject, so is taken with 1 Arts elective in semester 1 and 1 Technology elective in semester 2.

Group 1 Electives: The Arts

Animation Café

Art in the 3rd Dimension

Fashion, Drawing and Illustration

Grand Design and Architecture

Music Legends of rock

Music Performance

Music Technology

Street Art and Design

The Artist’s Studio



Group 2 Electives: Technology

Create and Bake

Design it, Make it, Wear it

From Trees to Tables

Girls Fix Cars

Girls Design It and Build It


Rev Heads

Rockets and Rocket Cars

The World of Food

Group 3 Electives: Domains

English – Beanbags and Books

Maths – Maths in Sport

Science – Animal Science, Aviation, Practical Chemistry

Italian – Music and Film, Travel and Culture, Regional Cuisine

Humanities – Geography of Terrorism, Managers and Manufacturers, Monsters and Maniacs,

Women in Power

Health and PE – Athlete Development Program (selected students only), Girls Lifestyles and Fitness,

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Info Tech – Build Your Own Apps, Digital Gaming

Group 1: Arts/Italian

Group 2: Technology/Italian or Additional elective

R 3 . Responsibility, Relevance and Relationships

Term 1

  • My Identity

  • Developing understanding of identity; of self, others, the local and global community
  • Explore: ancestry, cultural and national identities, personal qualities
Activities, Skill Development

  • plan
  • research
  • present


  • Personal Project:
  • What’s your story?
Term 2

  • My Future


  • Reflect on skills, knowledge, interests and possible career paths
  • Exposure to work options
  • Visiting speakers
  • Subject pathways expo
Activities, Skill Development

  • teamwork
  • collaboration
  • research
  • communication


  • Team Research Project
Semester 2

  • My Community


  • City Experience
  • CBD excursions
  • City based research
  • Community service
  • Issues investigation: homelessness
Activities, Skill Development

  • independence – travel
  • interpersonal skills
  • initiative
  • citizenship

  • Community Learning Project

The Outer Edge (TOE)

  • Students opting into this program must commit to a 1 hour after school class on Mondays.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award involves completing a program of activities over four categories:

Service – to develop and encourage a sense of community spirit and responsibility to others

Skill – to encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills

Physical Recreation – to encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement in physical fitness and performance

Adventurous Journey – to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery

  • The St Helena expeditions: 2 x 3-day camps in Term 4 – The Grampians, the Alpine National Park
  • This program is subsidised by the Victorian Government.

For more information on college tours, ACE application and enrolment information at St Helena